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Spirit of Resistance Double Sided Flag

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Similar to the first run of Spirit of Resistance flags. Only change is that this and all future runs will have he phrase "Liberty for All" on the Rattle Snake Ouroboros.

This 3'x5' triple layer flag delivers maximum opaqueness in a flag still light enough to fly in the wind. Made of two printed layers with a darkening layer in between, this flag comes with two metal grommets and is double stitched along the fly seam.

"The Spirit of Resistance" meaning:

Pine Tree - the pine tree became a symbol of independence due to the restrictions the British placed on American loggers. These restrictive laws eventually lead to the Pine Tree Riot (years before the Tea Party).

The Rattlesnake Ouroboros - The never ending spirit of rebellion in defense of our rights.

The Stripes and Blue Field - Represent where we came from and building upon the original intentions of the founders.